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PPC Marketing is an invaluable tool for businesses looking to increase both search engine visibility and website conversions.

Although it’s incredibly easy to setup a PPC account and begin Pay Per Click marketing, costs can quickly spiral. It takes both expertise and experience to run a profitable PPC campaign, performing across carefully chosen channels. However there is some good news, PPC is unrivalled in both its accountability and transparency. Our account managers work with Google Analytics, advertising platforms and in house software to show you exactly the bang you are getting for your buck.

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What our Clients Say...

‘I can’t speak highly enough of this company. I am getting better value for money and more return on investment, with close monitoring and a flexible approach thanks to Boho Media. Jonathan and the team researched all the keywords and phrases related to my business and carefully selected the most appropriate, not just relying on a single key phrase like the previous providers. This has allowed me to budget accordingly, knowing that the visits to my website are being closely monitored to enable immediate changes to the Adwords campaign, as necessary’

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‘I have worked with Mike on numerous projects over the last 6 years and can say, without question, Boho Media are one of the best pay-per-click and digital marketing companies out there. From quality score and ad testing to conversion and landing page optimisation. Thank you guys and keep up the good work.’

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‘Boho Media have proven to be invaluable when refining our PPC campaigns. We have continued to see improvement in all our PPC metrics such as clicks, conversions, CTR, conversion rates, cost per conversion, sales to cost ratio, etc. I recommend them to anyone serious about improving the effectiveness of their PPC efforts.’

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‘Working with Boho was an excellent experience on a professional and personal level. They are a true asset to our business, helping us launch and optimise many of our paid search campaigns. They were precise in their execution, responsive to our requests and invaluable in helping us reach key goals in our campaigns. Boho achieved excellent results, with strong ROI, consistent acquisition growth and a dedicated approach to managing our accounts.’

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