Social Media Workshops

As a business owner you will be aware of the importance connected to Digital Marketing. This fast evolving discipline has become a necessity, requiring time, effort and patience in order to grow successfully. Social Media plays a huge part in a Digital Media campaign and if executed correctly will build brand awareness steadily whilst attracting new customers. The notion behind social media is ‘relationship building’. It’s online networking and here at BOHO Media we are able to teach you effective strategies for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Facebook For Business

If you are looking to increase brand awareness and build a firm customer base using Facebook, this workshop is for you. Covering a whole range of business related aspects we look at the creation of dedicated campaigns to boost your profile.

Twitter For Business

Twitter is a fast paced social media outlet providing business users with an environment to really grow their audience. If you are looking to develop your knowledge of the hashtag and drive traffic to your website, this is the course for you.

Linkedin For Business

If you are looking to reach out to the right people with the best information in the business world our LinkedIn workshop is ideal. The session covers content creation, the art of building leads along with clever hints and tips.

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